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Kuma Burgers will become burger-chan on May 3rd - everything you love will still be here!


Kuma Burgers brings umami-packed burgers to Greenway Plaza!

Chef Willet is out to prove that food court food can be high-quality, inventive, and delicious! What makes Kuma Burgers special? Hand-formed 5-ounce burger patties that are 100% ground chuck and fresh, never frozen; specialty house-made sauces like sambal mayo, chunky guacamole, scallion aioli, and barbecue sauce; one-of-a-kind rice buns; taro root chips; and hand-spun milk shakes featuring nuomi ice cream, which is made in-house with fresh cream and milk!





3 Greenway Plaza Ste C220
Concourse Level Food Hub
Houston, TX 77046


M-F 10:30a - 2:00p


How to find us

If it's your first time coming here, it can be tricky! Here are some maps to help you out:

We are located on the concourse level of 3 GWP (Greenway Plaza). You may enter from Buffalo Speedway, US 59 feeder road, Edloe Street, or Richmond Avenue. Look for signs for Visitor Parking for Building 3.

Once you've parked, enter 3 GWP through the glass doors. Keep walking forward and we'll be on the right, facing the sky light. Enjoy!

Still a little lost? Here's a short video that shows one way to get to us (thanks, Marcus Gee).

Here is a short video to help you find us in Greenway Plaza! Thanks Marcus Gee for the directions!



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What is nuomi ice cream?
It is a local small-batch ice cream company. We make our ice cream base for the milkshakes in-house using their recipe. Our milkshakes are made with very few ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and a couple of other ingredients. For those who cannot consume eggs, our shakes are safe – no eggs added.
What’s in the chili?
Our chili uses the same ground chuck that we use for our burgers. In addition to vegetable aromatics (onions, garlic, jalapenos, carrots), we also use 10 spices from Savory Spice Shop in Rice Village. They are a premium spice shop that sells spices ground weekly, resulting in better flavor.
How much meat is in the burger patty?
5 ounces.
What kind of beef do you use?
We use fresh, not frozen, American ground chuck. It is meat from a single part of the animal. Our blend is 80/20 lean to fat, the ideal ratio for a juicy, but not greasy, burger.
Where do you get your buns from?
We use Sheila Partin’s sweet sourdough buns from Sweet Mesquite Bakery, a local company. They are similar to King’s Hawaiian Rolls in flavor, but have a texture better suited for burgers.
What are your special sauces, like the scallion aioli and sambal mayo?
The scallion aioli is a garlicky green onion mayo. It has a vibrant flavor profile that some describe as “sharp.” It pairs well with oily and/or strong flavored foods.
The sambal mayo is our version of a spicy mayo. It starts off with our house-made sambal paste – a southeast Asian chili pepper condiment. Our version has onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, dried chilies, palm sugar, and fermented shrimp paste – therefore, it is not vegan-friendly. Also, it is quite spicy!
Although not “special,” our BBQ sauce is made from scratch, too. Our version is sweet and smoky.

What type of oil do you use?
We cook and fry with canola oil. It is free of trans fats, flavor neutral, and considered better than other vegetable oils.
What vegetarian options do you have?
Our current vegetarian option is a soy-marinated fried eggplant “patty” that may be subbed for the beef patty in any burger. Our fries and taro chips are vegetarian, too. We also offer a vegetarian chili with all the seasonings that come with the regular chili, but with beans instead of meat (3 beans: kidney, great white northern, and black). You can also order vegetarian chili cheese fries.
What is your gluten free rice bun?
They are buns made from cooked rice seasoned with gluten-free soy sauce.